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BrightnESS Closing Conference

22 June 2018, Royal Flemish Academy of Sciences and Arts, Brussels

The European Spallation Source ERIC is organising the Closing Conference of the BrightnESS project, funded within the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Horizon 2020. Set up to support the European Spallation Source, one of the largest research infrastructures being built in Europe today, the 3-year project has successfully addressed some of the key challenges faced by ESS, such as detector development and management of in-kind contributions, and played a vital role in reinforcing the collaboration across the ERA.

The programme will include panels on the European Neutron Landscape, Technological Innovation and In-kind Contributions and the ERIC Framework. This occasion will provide a platform to showcase the significance of BrightnESS and long-term sustainability effects on ESS, its partner organisations and the wider research community while facilitating networking opportunities among partners and stakeholders.

More information and registration will be made available at the conference website.

Draft programme