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HEPTech presented for the first time an academia meets industry forum at IEEE NSS/MIC in Strasbourg
European Cryo Days 2017
The Cryogenics Society of Europe in partnership with HEPTech organised in Karlsruhe...
To express interest in the event please register to HEPTech2018 by sending an e-mail to ... 


HEPTech is a High-Energy Physics Technology Transfer Network, fostered by CERN. It is composed of institutions active in particle, astro-particle and nuclear physics. The mission of HEPTech is to enhance technology transfer from fundamental research in physics to society. We define technology transfer as an exchange or sharing of intellectual property, knowledge, skills, processes or technologies across different organisations and industry.

HEPTech is mandated by and reports to the CERN Council and its programme is aligned with the directives of the European Strategy for Particle Physics.


TT programme within the 2017 IEEE NSS/MIC,           21 – 28 October 2017, Atlanta, USA

Advanced Training Session on Technology Licensing,       5 Dec.2017, CERN


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