CERN Accelerating science

Workgroups & Conveners


HEPTech Coordination:

Chairman of the Board:           Jean-Marie Le Goff (CERN)

Secretary General:                  Ian Tracey (KTN, UK)

Coordination Manager:            Anna McCabe (KTN, UK)


Workgroup on Accelerator Technology:

Convener:                              Jean-Marie Le Goff (CERN)


Workgroup on Detector Technology:

Convener:                              T.B.C.


Workgroup on Information and Computing Technology:

Convener:                              Peter Levai (Wigner RCP, Hungary)

Convener:                              Dan Enache (IFIN-HH, Romania)


Workgroup on Sharing of Best Practices:

Convener:                              Bojil Dobrev (Sofia University, Bulgaria)


Workgroup on Funding and Network Expansion:

Convener:                              Ian Tracey (KTN, UK)

Convener:                              Katja Kroschewski (DESY, Germany)


Communication and Marketing Task Force:

Convener:                              Eleonora Getsova (Sofia University, Bulgaria)