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Wigner RCP

Wigner Research Centre
for Physics



The Wigner Research Centre for Physics (Wigner RCP) is one of the largest research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It is located in Budapest and 350 researchers and engineers are working in it. The mission of the Wigner RCP is to perform basic research in the fields of particle and nuclear physics, plasma physics, space science and technology, solid state physics, neutron physics, optics and information technology. The Wigner RCP is willing to increase its activities on knowledge and technology transfer and to apply the collected results in other fields of physics, engineering and industry. The Wigner RCP joined to HEPTECH in 2013 to increase these TT activities and learn different methods of innovation. Recently an expert group has been established to help this innovation activity. The researchers of the Wigner RCP are looking forward to participate in different HORIZON 2020 projects in order to explore the opportunities of technology transfer during the next years.