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Technical University of Kosice

Technical University of Kosice



Established in 1952, the Technical University of Košice is a public university whose main aim is to provide eastern Slovakia with access to technological/economic education and research. The University not only meets a wide range of educational needs in the region of eastern Slovakia but also in a number of technological areas serves as the only center of science and research in central Europe.

Currently, the University is organized into nine faculties: Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology; Faculty of Metallurgy; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering; Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics; Faculty of Civil Engineering; Faculty of Economics; Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with a seat in Prešov; Faculty of Arts; and Faculty of Aeronautics. By offering a variety of study programs and innovative research areas, each faculty successfully meets the requirements of the region, industry, and society.

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics consists of 11 departments, one of which is the Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence. Major research areas covered by the Department include modeling and control of dynamic physical systems, intelligent methods and algorithms, and employment of information and control systems in industry.

The University Centre for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Protection was established to ensure cooperation with industry in the field of applied research. As part of its internal logistics, the University science park TECHNICOM provides physical and functional infrastructure for areas such as information and communication technologies, electrical engineering, automation/control systems, mechanical, civil and environmental engineering. One of its goals is to promote, accelerate and facilitate the incubation process for the establishment of small and medium hi-tech start-up/spin-off companies generated within TECHNICOM research activities.

Since March 2015, the Technical University of Kosice is a full member of the ALICE Collaboration at CERN.