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ELI Beamlines

Institute of Physics
of the Academy of Sciences

Czech Republic


ELI Beamlines is the Czech part of the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project, which is a part of the European roadmap of next generation major research facilities that have been identified by the European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI).

From 2018, ELI Beamlines will be a fully operational international research infrastructure based on an open access policy using cutting edge laser technologies to generate ultrashort light pulses with intensity up to 10 PW. The ELI Beamlines mission will be both fundamental academic research as well as applied research with direct societal impact.

The primary mission of the ELI Beamlines will consist of producing an entirely new generation of secondary sources driven by ultra-intense lasers. These secondary sources will produce pulses of radiation and particles such as flashes of XUV, X-rays and gamma-rays, bunches of accelerated electrons, protons and ions, etc., exploitable as qualitatively new tools in many research disciplines and in the development of new technologies, namely material research and biotechnologies.

The research programmes (RP) of the ELI project are structured in the following way:

RP1: Lasers generating high repetition rate ultrashort pulses and multi-petawatt peak powers

RP2: X-ray sources driven by ultrashort laser pulses

RP3: Particle acceleration by lasers

RP4: Applications in molecular, biomedical and material sciences

RP5: Plasma and high energy density physics

RP6: Exotic physics and theory